11 Best Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard Templates in 2020

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Best Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2020

Today we are going to take a look and review 11 of the best premium Bootstrap admin and dashboard templates in 2020 that you can try for your next web project or application.

But what makes the themes on this selection the best that you can use this year? Well, they have been chosen based on these criteria, in no particular order:

  • number of sales;
  • popularity: in terms of user comments and user reviews where available;
  • aesthetics: from my personal design taste;
  • date published: if they’re new, are doing well in terms of sales and their popularity is increasing, or if they are not new but are still doing a good number of sales in 2020, have good support and are updated often.

So, continue reading because I’m sure in this collection you’ll find the right admin template that suits your web design and development needs.

* Note: This article contains affiliate links which means that if you click on these links and buy the template, I might get a commission.

Sing App – React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5 Admin Template

Sing App by Flatlogic is an admin template created with the Bootstrap framework that comes in different versions: React, Angular, Vue.js and HTML5.

It is a responsive template, fast and in high quality, to make your web application run smoother, faster and easier to maintain and manage.

With Sing you can build different applications, from a simple platform to a complex one for commercial or professional purposes.

It comes with hundreds of pages included, 8 Charts libraries, 2 Dashboards, Static and Hover Sidebar, as well as an e-Commerce section, all of which make it easier to work with and also implement. The code is fully documented and it is quite easy to work with.

Sing App React Admin Dashboard Template

INSPINIA – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme

INSPINIA is by WebAppLayers, a fully responsive admin template made with the Bootstrap framework, which allows you to easily access, modify, customize and manage everything that goes into your website.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web designer, INSPINIA is suitable for everybody. This theme comes with CSS preprocessors such as Sass and Less, and it is built with Bootstrap version 3+, as well as HTML5 and CSS3.

There are six versions included for this theme. The first is static and suitable to use with most programming language applications, such as PHP or Java. Then there is the Angular JS, written to support the Angular framework, ASP .NET MVC5/MVC6 and .NET core 1.0 projects, Ruby on Rails and Meteor. There are also three additional projects included: Angular 2, Laravel 5 and ReactJS.

The UI is flat-designed with a clean style, which makes things a lot more user-friendly. The numerous features make everything a breeze to understand and use. In INSPINIA you will find 7 chart libraries, 3 different skins, CSS3 Animations and other features such as Blog view, Google Maps, Code editor, Mailbox, Notifications, User profile, Ecommerce and many more.

This theme has regular update releases by the designer and the support is fast and reliable.

INSPINIA - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme

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Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Metronic is created by keenthemes and it is ranked the #1 most sold Admin theme on ThemeForest, with over 50.000 sales and a very good feedback score of 4.89.

The reason for all this is simple. This is a fully-responsive and multipurpose admin theme, which comes with 7 unique layouts, over 1500 UI components, over 100 Form widgets, 80+ jQuery plugins, over a thousand multi-purpose layouts and font icons. There are 500+ Template pages, 6 color themes, Language switch bar and developer-friendly code, which is clean and simple.

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Within the features, there is also eCommerce, for those running an online business, which is easy to use. There is RTL support and SASS support. Metronic is powered by Bootstrap and Angular JS 1.5 frameworks. These make it not only highly versatile in customization, but also capable to run in all devices, be it desktop or mobile phones.

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You can create and manage charts, graphs, sticky notifications. You can also create several pages like Blog posts, News, FAQ, Coming Soon and any other that is necessary for your site. With the purchase, not only are you getting one of the best admin themes on the market, but you will also be entitled to all future updates for free.

Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Here is a video presentation of the Metronic template:

SmartAdmin – Responsive Bootstrap WebApp

This next admin template is called SmartAdmin. It is a beautiful and seamlessly-working template, which is built with Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. It has the latest jQuery plugins integrated with the UI components. There are 7 version variations: AJAX, PHP, Static HTML, AngularJS 4.0, Ruby on Rails, Asp .NET and ReactJS. Everything is hand coded and the code is neatly organized.

The navigation is highly responsive, with 6 levels and two navigation options (vertical or horizontal). There are 7 Google Map skins and 7 Theme skins. It is Retina responsive and has layouts that can be customized extensively, allowing for practically endless options.

What is different in this template, it’s the Voice command feature, which supports 50 different languages. Another feature that most certainly sets it apart is the Colorblind accessibility, which is still in the experimental phase, but has proven quite helpful for users with different color vision problems.

With the purchase you will get lifetime access to all the recent updates and releases, as well as fast support, in the off-chance you run into an issue.

SmartAdmin - Responsive Bootstrap WebApp

Limitless – Responsive Web Application Kit

Limitless by Kopyov is an admin template, which comes with Starter kit, for those users who want to develop their own website effortlessly. The template itself is fully responsive, built with Bootstrap and includes over 100 Less files, each easy to find and edit, to best suit your needs.

There are 5 layouts that it comes with, and everything is easy to customize. The navigation is versatile, with both vertical and horizontal navigation, accordion navigation and simple-action access to submenus and icons.

For those looking to have a website with worldwide access, this theme is translation-ready and user-friendly when it comes to quick translation and language detection. Posts and codes are easy to edit with Summernote, CKEditor, Ace Code editor and WYSIHTML5 text editor.

You will find the latest and most relevant jQuery plugins for a broader UI. There are also Data tables, Static tables and different library charts for better data visualization.

Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit

HOMER – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme

Also by WebAppLayers, Homer has an aesthetic and clean style, with a very easy to use UI. There are four versions, which include:

  • HTML/jQuery, which is static and suitable for Ruby, Java or PHP programmers;
  • AngularJs is specifically for the Angular framework and it is written with Opinionated AngularJS style guide;
  • The last two are Meteor;
  • and ASP .NET MVC5, which is written in Visual Studio.

There are numerous widgets within this theme, that will help make everything easier to access and keep track of. It is built with Bootstrap 3+, HTML5 / CSS3, media queries, LESS, AngularJS, Grunt and Bower. The layout is responsive, and the UI is flat.

The features are numerous, some of which include: Code editor, Fixed navbar, Fixed sidebar, Mailbox view, Notes view, Forum view, Chat, Animations, 4 different charts libraries, special analytics view, Login / Register / error pages.

HOMER - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Remark is a responsive admin theme built with Bootstrap 4 and which comes with Less and Sass support. It has 6 different layouts that are customizable and developer-friendly.

There are over 1000 UI components, numerous charts, forms and over 100 widgets. You will also find more than 12 web applications, to start working on your ideas and projects right away. There is Angular UI support too and there can also be found Grunt and Gulp tasks, as well as Bower dependency management. The code is optimized with jshint, htmlhint, csslint, lesshint and bootlint. Material Design version is also included.

The feature list includes foldable navigation, numerous skin colors, language selector as well as jQuery Table and Chart plugins. There are different pages that you can create, edit and customize for all of your needs.

You can easily check and manage every little detail of your website with this theme, using the Contacts, Media, Documents, Forum, Notebook, Messages, Calendar, Taskboard, Projects and the various other apps.

Remark - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Rubix – ReactJS Admin Template

Next we’ll be looking at Rubix by Sketchpixy. It is a responsive template built using ReactJS by Facebook and Bootstrap. It is a continuously updating template, the latest updates of which allow developers to create Universal Javascript applications and provide React Hot Loader support for synchronised browser testing throughout different devices.

There are multiple themes, hash-based navigation, panels for creating your own layouts, multiple sidebars and access to Gallery and blog pages. There is the Dropzone file upload and you can quickly crop and adjust images by using jCrop.

While it is a ready-to-use template, Rubix is focused more on coding and developing, so it is aimed at pro users and those that want to truly customize their website in the very fine details, without having to start from nothing.

Rubix - ReactJS Admin Template

Clean UI – Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Clean UI admin template is fairly new, created in March of 2017, but has quickly gained popularity and earned quite a reputation. True to its name, it provides a clean UI, which is simple to use and understand.

It is a modular template, that reduces both the cost and time of development. It uses the latest technology, one of which is BEM (Block Element Modifier). The pre-processor it is based on is SASS and there are also CSS files compiled from it. The code is commented, so the line of code you need to edit, is easy to locate.

There are numerous jQuery plugins. You will find everything to get the website up and running in less time. From Alpha and Beta dashboards, to several Pages, App pages, forms, eCommerce options and numerous components for easier use, Clean UI has it all. Upon purchase you are eligible for all future updates as well as free support for 6 months.

Clean UI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Color Admin – Admin Template + Front End

Color Admin is based on the flat design style and it is made to look neat and organized. It is built with Bootstrap 3+ and comes in several versions, such as AJAX, HTML and Angular. There are 4 front-end templates and 2 admin themes (flat and Material design), while there are 17 admin page options, 5 admin color themes and 2 header themes (black and white).

It is compatible with Data tables, different browsers and fully responsive. You will find different plugins and numerous options to easily customize and adapt everything to your need. Several different pages, options to create and manage charts, data tables, gallery, media, buttons and many more.

The layouts can be color-customized and the icons, sidebar, menus and everything in it can be placed and adjusted to preference.

Color Admin - Admin Template + Front End

Elite Admin – Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template

Another Bootstrap 4 admin theme, this is by Maruti and it is their Elite Admin template. It uses the Less pre-processor and also comes with CSS files, all of which easy to locate and edit. The features are abundant and yet, neatly organized and very user-friendly.

There are 9 color skins, more than 2000 pages, over 500 UI components, numerous widgets, 3000+ Font icons, multi file upload, tables, lots of charts, gallery view, calendars, chat, contact / employee listing and many more.

It is suitable for eCommerce, has Mailbox application, Light/Dark sidebar, Range slider and Megamenu. All of these are incredibly easy to customize and also fully responsive.

Whether you are building a website for personal use, blog site or a professional online store, Elite Admin will help you design everything you want to perfection. It comes with 20 demos, each of them different, for a quick set-up.

Elite Admin - Multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Template

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