11 Best Admin Templates Made With The New Bootstrap 4

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Best Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates

The new Bootstrap 4 comes with some new features that you can see here, like the use of Flexbox by default, the use of the “rem” CSS unit, an updated grid, etc.

In today’s web design resources collection I’ve picked 11 of what I think are the best Admin Templates made with Bootstrap 4 that you can try now in your projects.

I hope you like them. Let’s take a look!

* Note: This article contains affiliate links which means that if you click on these links and buy the theme, I might get a commission.

Light Blue – HTML5, Angular, React Admin

Light Blue by Flatlogic is an admin theme that comes in 5 available versions and with more than 30 unique Pages. The design is clean and light, available in 3 color schemes and with developer-friendly code. It is supported on all browsers and platforms and comes in a Fully Responsive layout.

There are 3 Sidebar Options, such as Hidden/Shown, Left/Right and Iconic/Automatic. The widgets included are easily customizable and it also comes with Form elements, different types of Text input, Buttons and Rickshaw and Nvd3 Chart Libraries to work with.

Tables can be set to be either dynamic or static and the Bower package manager and Grunt tasks make it easier for developers to work with.

Light Blue - HTML5, Angular, React Admin

Material Admin – Responsive Bootstrap 3 and 4 Admin Theme

Material Admin by rushenn is a Bootstrap 3 and 4 admin template that comes with numerous plugins, all of which are customizable to fit your requirements. It is a Fully Responsive, as well as Retina Ready template that makes setting up your website very easy.

The code is neatly written and documented. There are different versions when it comes to the layout of pages, such as Default, Boxed, Top Navigation, Hidden Sidebar, etc. To help you start things up quickly, there are several sample pages, which are often used across most websites. These include Profile, Login, Messages, etc.

The customization of display is completely up to you by choosing different colors, skins and layouts. There are also different components to make your work easier: Color picker, Toggler and Date picker, to name a few. The versions to work with are jQuery, Angular 4, Angular JS.

Material Admin - Responsive Bootstrap 3 and 4 Admin Theme

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React Redux Material Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

A complete react admin template, Jumbo React by g-axon comes with UI libraries by both Material-UI and Bootstrap. These also include over 500 react components, all of which are reusable and numerous sample pages, such as Contact, Error, FAQ, Authentication, Portfolio and About Us pages. It is a great template if you are looking to create an innovative website in a short amount of time.

There are also applications included, based on ReactJs and Redux, which include the Chat App, Contacts App, To-do App and Messages App. These, along with the built-in modules make this template suitable for a variety of different projects.

Whether you are looking for an eCommerce site or a simple personal blog, Jumbo React is easily adaptable to your requirements. This is a template that has a very well-written code and is, of course, fully responsive.

React Redux Material Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Super Admin – Responsive Admin Template

Super Admin is a template that is not only pleasant to work with but also very aesthetically pleasing. The theme come with great visual design and this is a Fully Responsive, as well as Retina Ready template.

There are different layout options you can choose from and over 40 pages that come with user interfaces that were carefully designed. All of this makes not only the set up, but also the maintenance of your website quite easy and less time consuming.

The numerous sample pages barely leave any room for additional custom pages for you to create, as the main ones are already included. For example: Profile, Contacts, Invoice, FAQ, Notes, Blog, Login, Messages and much more.

There are several components that it comes with, such as Toggle switches, Color pickers, Sliders and also Drag and Drop upload. Super Admin is also designed by rushenn and is compatible with all modern browsers.

Super Admin - Responsive Admin Template

MaterialPro – Bootstrap 4 Material Admin Theme

Designed by wrappixel, Material Pro is a premium admin template which comes with 5 dashboard variations. This way even the display of what you work with can be adapted to your preferences. There are both Light and Dark skin options, for the sidebar. As for the background, you can choose your favorite color out of the Unlimited options.

Charts are another great feature this template comes with as it helps you easily keep track of everything that’s happening to the website. Be it sales, visitors, bandwith usage and any other activities. Also useful are the Tables that you can customize with any input you want organized and tracked.

It comes with numerous widgets and also with RTL support. Also numerous are the different pages, forms and fonts for a better experience for both you and the visitors of your website.

MaterialPro - Bootstrap 4 Material Admin Theme

Pages – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Pages by ace is a clean and well-organized template for beginners and developers alike. It comes with a well-documented code and all around support for any questions or uncertainties you might have. The dashboard comes in 5 different layouts to choose from: Condensed, Casual, Corporate, Simply white and Executive. Each one of them serves a different purpose so you can work with the one that best suits your needs.

There are also 6 color themes and numerous UI features, including: Custom buttons, Animated notifications, Modals, Nestable, Widgets, Charts, Font Awesome icons, Range sliders and many more. Forms are also available, including different form components.

Included are also several pages ready to be set-up: Dashboard, Invoice, Gallery, Login, etc.

Pages - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

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Minton – Bootstrap 4 Admin + Frontend Template

Designed by coderthemes, Minton is a custom admin theme that comes with over 5 color schemes and 1500+ pages. There are several layout options including both design and color schemes, such as Dark & Light. It comes with a functional calendar, RTL support and more than 2500 Font icons for full customization.

The widgets featured are there to help you keep track of things you need to do and things happening on the website, such as different statistics, creating charts and much more.

There are numerous pages you can set up, such as Gallery, Profile, Invoice, Coming soon and most importantly, the Landing page. It is a Fully Responsive theme and with a neatly-written code that is developer-friendly.

Minton - Bootstrap 4 Admin + Frontend Template

Codebase – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Codebase was created with developers in mind as it comes with a clean and well-documented code. Not only that but it also includes smart tools which compile your Sass code to CSS, and build a custom Codebase framework based solely on your project’s requirements.

This makes it a flexible template, which can be used to manage and customize any website. It does so by using the numerous layout options and features included so you can add, remove and change pages, appearance and functions. With smooth animations, 6 color themes and in a fast and lightweight design, Codebase by pixelcave is the template for the professionals among you.

Codebase - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Color Admin – Admin Template + Front End

Color Admin by Seanngu is a premium template in a flat and fully responsive design. It comes with 3 themes (Flat, Apple design, Material design), 5 Color themes, 2 Header themes and 4 Front End templates. There are 17 Page Options included, as well as numerous vector icons such as Font Awesome, Ion icons, Google Material and Simple line icons.

The scrollbar is designed to be smooth across devices, especially suitable for view on touch screens. It is compatible not only with all modern browsers, but also old ones, across all platforms. This template can be used for a variety of different projects, be it a blog, portfolio, forums and also e-Commerce websites where you can sell online.

To make things easier, the widgets included help you manage and keep an eye on different statistics, such as visits, sales and tasks. Charts and Tables come in a variety of styles and options, so you can work with the ones you find more useful. The code is well-documented and support is also available, should you need it.

Color Admin - Admin Template + Front End

REAL Admin – BS4 + Angular 5 + React + Vue.js

REAL admin by creativelabs comes in different versions, such as Static, Ajax, Vue.js, React and Angular, including documentation for each. There are built-in pages to work with and, of course, you can create your own depending on the website you are looking to create.

What’s special about REAL is the design and code, each of which are made by professionals in the respective areas. So both designers and developers have worked for this template, in order to create a great design and clean code, which is also developer-friendly.

It makes it easier to create different projects, from simple websites to eCommerce and web apps. This is a template that gets optimized frequently in order to load faster, this way it helps both you as in working with it, as well as the performance of your site.

REAL Admin - BS4 + Angular 5 + React + Vue.js

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StartUI – Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

StartUI by ThemesAnytime is a premium template built using LESS, for ease in maintenance and simplicity in code. There are numerous unique features it comes with, for example the Tabbable navigation that lets you switch between navigation windows.

There are both Tables and Datatables included, along with different chart designs that display a variety of activities happening on your website. The widgets make it easy to keep track of whatever is happening on the website, the number of visitiors, visitor activity such as purchases, comments and messages, tasks finished and those waiting to be completed.

You can quickly upload different media files, add buttons and go through contacts, Facebook likes and shares, Twitter and also Instagram followers.

StartUI - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

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