9 Best Vue.js Admin Templates for Your Next Project

Published on: Feb 27 2019 by Anli

9 Best Vue.js Admin Templates for Your Next Project

Admin templates have come a long way and they are still constantly being developed and improved day by day.

Nowadays you can easily find the exact admin template you are looking for and it is even easier to implement it into your website. In a matter of hours, depending on the type of project, you can have a running website that the admin template helps you manage and run without much fuss.

There are different types of admin templates available and in some of our past selections we have looked at Angular, React and Ruby Admin templates. Today we will be looking at some Vue.js admin templates.

For those who are unfamiliar with Vue.js, it is a JavaScript front-end framework used for building UI and its most renowned feature is its ease of implementation. It was created by Evan You in 2014, who was inspired by working with Angular and was looking for a more lightweight framework.

Vue.js is not solely used for UI building but also for other modern applications and it is currently one of the most popular frameworks among developers. The main reason for that is its adaptability to what the developers need and are looking to create, which sets it apart from most other frameworks. Is that adaptability that makes Vue.js a progressive framework.

Now let’s take a look at 9 Vue.js Admin templates that we have picked for today’s selection, which will make your next project easier.

1. Angle – Bootstrap Vue.js Admin Template

The first admin template is Angle, which is a Bootstrap admin template by themicon. It comes with multiple framework versions, including Vue.js.

This is a responsive theme and compatible with all modern browsers. It comes with RTL support and it can be used in a multitude of web applications, such as SPA (Single Page Application), eCommerce, CMS, CRM, help desk, etc.

The Vue.js version was coded with Style Guide and does not require jQuery, unless you intend on using jQuery plugins.

There is a Landing page included, as well as numerous Icons, options for Background video, sticky header, touch slider, the Gulp task runner, NPM package manager and many more features. This admin template comes with Free Support and Updates upon purchase and it is well-documented for easier installation.

Angle - Bootstrap VueJS Admin Template

2. Sing App – VueJS Admin Dashboard Template

Sing App by Flatlogic is an admin template developed with Vue.js and Bootstrap 4. It is a fully responsive template, with great speed and in high quality, which brings all of these features to your web application, making it run smoother, faster and makes it easier to maintain and manage.

With this template you can build different web applications, regardless of whether you want a simple platform or one for commercial or professional purposes.

It comes with hundreds of pages included, 8 Charts libraries, 2 Dashboards, Static and Hover Sidebar, as well as an e-Commerce section, all of which make it easier to work with and also implement. The codebase is fully documented and it is quite straightforward to work with.

Sing App VueJS Admin Dashboard Template

3. Color Admin – Admin Template + Front End

Created by Sean Ngu, Color Admin is an admin template built with Bootstrap and comes in several versions. This responsive template is based on the flat design style and has a clean and neat look, and it is also loaded with third party plugins that come in handy for creating and managing different web applications.

There are 5 Admin themes (Material Design, Transparent, Flat, Facebook Design and Apple Design) as well as 4 Front End templates. There are a total of 12 Admin color schemes, including 2 Header and 2 Sidebar Admin color schemes. An unlimited number of Admin Page Options are also available, as well as numerous Icons and Fonts.

Color Admin is compatible with all browsers available, including new and old ones, and its HTML structure, JavaScript markup and CSS classes are really easy to understand and work with, since everything is well documented.

Color Admin Template + Front End

4. Clear – VueJS + Laravel Admin Template

Next up it’s Clear, a VueJS Admin template by jyostna, which was built using Bootstrap 4. It is a very fast and fully responsive template thanks to Bootstrap and VueJS, and it comes with a very clean and modular code that is easy to understand and work with.

There are multiple page layouts included in this template, as well as more than 70 other pages and 4 Icon Families which come with over 2000 icons to choose from. Custom pages are also available and because of the use of SASS, building color schemes is really easy and quick.

There is GMaps integration, Calendar and different types of Charts available, due to more than 50 plugins that are included in this admin template.

Clear VueJS + Laravel Admin Template

5. Vuely – VueJS 2 Material Design + Laravel Blade Admin Template

Created by Iron Network, Vuely is a VueJs admin template that was developed using VueJs 2 and VuetifyJs. Its designing was made in a way that both inexperienced users, as well as expert developers, would have an easy time getting to understand and work with this template.

There are a number of custom pages included and numerous features such as datatables, graphs and charts that make it very effortless to track and keep an eye on everything that goes on with your website. It is Algolia and API Ready and comes with Firebase integration, as well as with Auth0 included.

Lazy loading and Code Splitting are also included, along with a considerable number of widgets and UI elements. This is a translation-ready template, which also supports RTL and there are different modes and color versions available for you to choose from.

Vuely - VueJS 2 Material Design + Laravel Blade Admin Template

6. VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Based fully on VueJS and with a multitude of breadcrumb designs, this admin template by jyostna is fully responsive and was built without the use of jQuery plugins, but instead it incorporates a number of Bootstrap and VueJs plugins.

There are 8 layouts options included and numerous color schemes added for you to customize your website to your liking.

This admin template was developed using Bootstrap components, too, alongside those of Vue and it was made to be completely modular, each of its component being separated from the rest, making customization of every aspect of the template a breeze and without the trouble of it affecting the rest of its components.

VueJS Laravel Admin Template

7. Appwork – Bootstrap 4 Template + UI Kit

Appwork is a Bootstrap admin template by smnedelko, with RTL support and in several versions, including VueJs.

It comes with 9 layouts and 25 extra pages apart from the already pre-built ones that are included. While working with its layout features and style you can dynamically change those aspects of this template, which is an interesting quality.

There are more than 290 UI kit elements and 10 crafted skins available, as well as layout helpers and the Sidenav plugin which supports both horizontal and vertical modes. There is also the MegaDropdown plugin and access to private GitHub repository.

For those who are looking to set up a website within minutes, the Starter templates help you do so in a few steps. The VueJs version has no jQuery dependency and uses Bootstrap-Vue, as well as it includes more than 30 integrated components and 5 different charts.

It is a fully responsive template, with quality support and available to utilize in many projects, including those for commercial purposes.

Appwork - Bootstrap 4 Template + UI Kit

8. Pragmatic – Vue.js Admin Template

Pragmatic is a VueJs template by Linko91, which comes in a fully responsive layout and includes Multilanguage and RTL support. There are Light and Dark color schemes available, as well as the Multi Level Dropdown Menu, numerous Chart options and a number of built-in apps.

This template comes with 5 color schemes and over 2000 Font Icons, which help you customize it to your liking. Included are more than 80 pages and Layout combinations, along with the Calendar design and forms with validation.

This template comes with free lifetime updates and six months of support, which goes alongside the detailed documentation and easy-to-work-with code.

Pragmatic - Vue.js Admin Template

9. Material Design VueJS Admin + Multipurpose Template

The next template of this selection is the Material Design VueJS admin template by AnalogLife. This is a very easy to implement template as it comes with 12 different color demos and being built with the help of powerful frameworks which make it a well-packed multipurpose template that covers almost any project.

There are 3 different home page versions and more than 20 JS plugins, numerous UI layout components and also a Flexbox flexible layout.

Google Map and a number of pages, including the Profile, Portfolio, Settings and Contact pages are all part of this admin template. It comes with lifetime support and free updates.

Material Design VueJS Admin + Multipurpose Template

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