Published on: Jan 26 2014 by Anli

Here are the types of support you can get by downloading any of my templates, free or premium.

Premium Templates Support

By purchasing any of my premium templates you get my free support for every question or problem you might have using these templates, including: small customizations, bug fixes and questions about small customizations.

Free Templates Support

Free templates have two types of support:

– Free support through the comments section of the templates’ pages, not guaranteed or timely.

– Paid email support starting from $19. This way I can set some time aside to help you fix your problem quickly (24/48 hours) and provide a better assistance. For this type of support just email me here:, explaining your problem.

Do you have questions?

For any question or information feel free to send me a message here:

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  1. Tina Clarke says:


    I used the W3c validator for the Andia Agency Template to see if it validated.

    With prettyPhoto there seems to be a problem. On the below link were some different suggestions as to what to replace rel with perhaps data-rel. I wanted to know which is the solution you have ‘probably’ used elsewhere this not being your latest work. So that I can implement it. I totally new to html5 and css3 and microformats. (Weird how problems can help one learn:)

    Many thanks for your thoughts


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