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Updated on: Apr 05 2019 by Anli


I finally finished coding my second Free WordPress Theme. It’s called AzSands and it has a dark header and light background. The theme comes with 125×125 advertising space, “About me” space and a right widgetized sidebar.

As for the DarkoOo theme, I have implemented threaded comments support and I think I will also implement it in my future themes.

AzSands theme comes under a Creative Commons License so you can make all changes you want and you can use it for personal use.

This theme has been tested with Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 4 (Windows Version)  and Opera 9.6 and works fine.

The theme is no longer maintained. If you want you can download it below and try it or modify it as you like.

You can DOWNLOAD AZSANDS (3152 downloads) .

All comments and thoughts about the theme are welcome.

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  3. Paolo says:

    Very nice theme. I’ve inserted it in WordPressGala, my WP themes gallery site.

  4. Brandon Cox says:

    Wow – very nice!! I love the extra padding and whitespace within the content areas. Excellent!

    • Anli says:

      Thanks for your feedback! The content area was large so I had to use a lot of whitespace or to make the content area smaller and I choosed the first.

  5. CMS Themes says:

    This is surely one of well-designed free WP theme released this month. Keep on creating great-looking WP theme mate!

    I’ve listed your theme on

  6. Nnyan says:

    Very nice looking theme! Would you be able to tell me how I can reduce the thickness of the top area?

    Thank you

    • Anli says:

      Hi Nnyan! To reduce the thickness you must crop the images used in the header of the theme and then change the height of the header in the “style.css” file. If you don’t know how to do that send me an email at this address: explaining what you want to do exactly and I’ll help you.

  7. Sabiq says:

    how i can setting the ads ? i confuse to setting that 😀

    • Anli says:

      Hi! To set up the ads you should modify the “sidebar.php” file in the azsands theme directory.

      Find this line: <div class="advertising">

      and delete the four default images by deleting this lines:

      <img src="wp-content/themes/AzSands-theme/images/advertising.gif" alt="Advertising" />

      Then add the links to your ads. It should be something like this:

      <a href="the link to the page that opens if you click the ads"><img src="the link to the image ad that should appear"></a>

      or you can copy/paste directly your adsense code.

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  9. Donna Maher says:

    Dear Anli,

    You are VERY talented – I so admire people who can code beautiful websites. I am a CSS illiterate and not any better at php. I want to learn but fear I haven’t that many years left on the planet… lol.

    Thank you so much for creating this beautiful theme, I will attempt to implement it on one of my blogs and then let you know the url of same.

    My best to you for success in your field – which I have no doubt – and you could easily charge for your fantastic work and your caring support which is so important.

    Blessings & good fortune to you,


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  14. I like the layout for this wordpress theme.

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  16. nice themes brother, i like it. thanks for share.

  17. Gmpoint says:

    really nice theme,elegant design and look.i’m going to try it

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  20. BTP says:

    Thank for your works. I like it. I try to converted it into blogspot. I hope you not mind.

    Best Regard

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  23. Andrea says:

    Hi there,

    I am creating a website for corn allergies and just installed your theme to our site! It’s not functional yet, but I’m hoping to launch it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    I love the template! Thank you!

  24. hunty says:

    Thank you! this wordpress theme.

  25. horoshka says:

    Dreate theme/ Thanks! Everything is on ots place!

  26. Irina says:

    Great theme! I might edit it a bit and use it on my site. Thanks!

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