Premium WordPress Theme Alissa – Bootstrap Coming Soon Theme

Updated on: Jan 20 2021 by Anli

Premium WordPress Theme Alissa - Bootstrap Coming Soon Theme

Today I’m going to present you the WordPress version of the Alissa Bootstrap Coming Soon Template. After its release, back in 2013, Alissa has become one of the most popular free templates here on Azmind and its page is one of the most visited of this site.

This WordPress version comes with all the features of the HTML version and also offers some new ones as you’ll see below. But the most important thing is the possibility to create a WordPress Coming Soon Page without touching a line of code. You can do it easily from the Alissa Options Page.

Below you can find the live preview link, the purchase link, the list of features and a review of the Options Page.


  • Set up your coming soon page without touching a line of code from the Options Page inside the WordPress admin panel.
  • Responsive Layout (Bootstrap framework)
  • Background Slideshow
  • Countdown Timer
  • AJAX Email Subscription Form (you receive the new subscriber in your email or add it in your MailChimp list)
  • MailChimp integration
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Retina ready
  • Free support and updates

Demo and Purchase

(not available)


(not available)

The Alissa Theme Options

I’ll assume that you already know how to install and activate a WordPress theme. If not, just let me know. To access the Alissa Options page just click on the “Alissa Theme Options” item in the left menu inside the WordPress Admin panel.

Alissa Theme Options

The Options page is organized in different tabs, each one (except the General tab) controls a specific section of the coming soon page.

The General Tab

From the General tab you can set up the main color used for the buttons, hovers and links, and you can upload a favicon.

Alissa Theme Options - General Tab

The Header Tab

Here you can set up the header part of the page, including the logo and the info section on the right where you can show your phone number, skype name, etc.

Alissa Theme Options - Header Tab

The Coming Soon Tab

In this tab you can set up the coming soon section of the page. You can upload the images for the background slideshow (up to 5 images), enter the title, the description and set up the countdown timer.

Alissa Theme Options - Coming Soon Tab

The Subscribe Tab

From the Subscribe tab you can set up the AJAX email subscription form. You can choose to receive the new subscriber in your email or add it in your MailChimp list.

Alissa Theme Options - Subscribe Tab

The Footer Tab

Here you can enter the copyright text and set up the social icons. You can add up to 6 icons with links and tooltips.

Alissa Theme Options - Footer Tab


That’s all. I hope you like this theme and find it useful for your projects! If you have any question, suggestion or you just want to say “Hello”, please leave a comment in the form below.

All the best,

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6 Comments So Far

  1. Claudette Babalian says:

    I need help installing. I click the subfolder “Alissa-theme” but I can’t install that since it has multiple folders. Which exact file installs the theme?

  2. Nadia says:

    Hello Anil,

    I’m very Impressed with this theme and I would like to use it for my page. However I have a small question before I go on : Is it compatible with ConvertKit?


  3. BAerbel Tress TRESS & TRESS Munich says:

    Hi there!

    Since the theme is not compatible withConvertKit and we do not have Mailchimp.
    If we keep the ‘newsletter form’ as it is, do I understand it correctly, that we will just be able to set it up in a way so that we get an e-mail to our inbox whenever we have a new subscriber. Is that possible? So we can manually transfer the new subscribers to our ConvertKit?
    I’d appreciate a quick answer! THANK YOU!
    Baerbel Tress

    • Anli says:


      Yes, you can choose from the Admin panel if you want to save the email addresses in your MailChimp list, or just receive them to your inbox every time you have a new subscriber.

      Let me know if you have other questions 😉


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