Bootstrap Testimonial Slider: 3 Free Responsive Templates, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Published on: Oct 19 2016 by Anli

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Templates

Today’s free web design resource is a package of three testimonial slider templates made with Bootstrap.

Showing some testimonials in your product’s page, agency site or landing page is a good idea as it gives credibility to your brand. And presenting them in a nice and beautiful way is better. Hopefully, these three templates will help you on this task.

They come with responsive layout, fullscreen image background (static or slideshow) and Font Awesome icons. Below you can find the live preview and download links. Enjoy!


  • Responsive Layout (Bootstrap framework)
  • Fullscreen Image Background (static or slideshow)
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Testimonials section created using Bootstrap’s Togglable tabs.

The 3 Testimonial Slider Templates

Template 1

Centered testimonial section with fullscreen static image background, circle images for each testimonial.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider 1

Template 2

Left aligned testimonial section with fullscreen slideshow image background, circle images for each testimonial.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider 2

Template 3

Centered testimonial section with white background, square images for each testimonial.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider 3

How To Use The Templates

Download the zip package below and extract it. Each template / layout is in its folder called “layout 1”, “layout 2”, etc.

Use the “index.html” file to modify the HTML code. The style can be changed from the CSS files in the “css” folder (assets/css).

In the templates I have also used some Javascript (jQuery) for the fullscreen background. You can find this code in the “scripts.js” file (assets/js).

The images are located in the “img” folder (assets/img). The favicon and the Apple touch icons are in the “ico” folder (assets/ico).

Demo, Download and License


DOWNLOAD: Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Templates (16728 downloads )


You can use these testimonial slider templates in personal and commercial projects, but you can’t sell or distribute them directly, “as is”. If you plan to use them, a link to this page or any form of spreading the word will be much appreciated.

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