Free WordPress Theme – AzSimple

Updated on: Jul 22 2020 by Anli

Free WordPress Theme - AzSimple

Finally it’s ready! Today I’m happy to announce my third free WordPress theme. It’s called AzSimple and it’s a plain and simple theme without many graphic effects, shadows or gradients, but yet beautiful. The theme comes with light colors, white, gray, blue and a clean dark footer. It also has an Options Page where you can set your logo, favicon, social network links, advertising, etc. So, let’s take a closer look to AzSimple’s features.



– WordPress 3.0 custom menu.

– Logo, advertising space (468 x 60) and social network links (Facebook, Twitter) that you can modify from the Options Page.

– Custom Favicon. You can insert the favicon url in the Options Page.


– Featured posts section with bxSlider (a jQuery content slider). You can choose the featured posts category and the number of posts you want to show in the Options Page.

– Posts shown in Excerpt View.

– Automatic generation of thumbnails (with TimThumb).


– Threaded comments and Gravatar support.


– Right widgetized sidebar.

– Advertising space that you can modify from the Options Page.


– About Us space. You can set it in the Options Page.

– Latest Tweets. You can set your Twitter ID and the number of tweets you want to show from the Options Page.

– Newsletter subscription form. You can set your Feedburner ID from the Options Page.


AzSimple is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0. You can use this theme in personal and commercial projects. But please refer to this page if you want to publish it somewhere else. I will also appreciate it very much if you don’t remove my link in the footer.

For bxSlider and jQuery use their licenses. The images used for the AzSimple preview come from

Demo & Download

The theme is no longer maintained. If you want you can download it below and try it or modify it as you like.

DOWNLOAD:  Free Wordpress Theme - AzSimple (17841 downloads)

That’s all! Try AzSimple and tell me what you think. One last thing: don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for other updates and freebies. Enjoy!


07/11/2012: Twitter feed problem fixed.

14/10/2012: “Cannot modify header information” problem fixed.

16/06/2012: Added Featured Image support and the possibility to use a Random Featured Posts Category.

18/02/2012: Minor bug fixes.

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100 Comments So Far

  1. Naeem says:

    Awesome Theme.I use it on my Blog. Thanks

  2. razu says:

    awesome themes all are too good

  3. Swadesh says:

    Thanks Anil,

    Just a wonderful theme. Trying to embed into my blog codenx

    The following issue is being faced while i try to install it.
    “The top menu is not getting stylized properly”

    Additionally, i think it will be better if you can highlight textboxes in place of highlighting thubmnails (on hover)

  4. Swadesh says:

    If you can make this theme responsive then there is nothing like that.

  5. Swadesh says:

    Solved the issue associated with the menu. I assigned only 1 menu to the theme and it solved my problem. Thanks

  6. Anli says:

    Yes, it can be adjusted, you have to modify the “style.css” file.

  7. Pliki says:

    Thanks, very nice theme – simple and clean 🙂

  8. John says:


    I am having trouble with the twitter feed. It only displays ‘Loading Tweets’.

    Is there any way to fix this issue?

    My twitter id is correct.

  9. picsmesh says:

    I will try it lets see how it works, Like the simple and attract look!

  10. Sprinkles says:

    Love the theme! Wondering if there is a way to exclude posts that appear in the featured post slider from also appearing below in the excerpted post section?

  11. Humberto says:

    Nice theme. I’m trying to get Google AdSense code to show, but although I entered the code at the Themes options, the add doesn’t show. Any suggestions?


  12. Jose says:

    I have a blog previously developed with the az-simple template, and recently it has problems with the images visualization. Do you know if it has any relation with the last upgrade of WordPress?

    Thank you

  13. Gia su says:

    I like this theme. Thanks you so much !!!

  14. millyzek says:

    does this theme work with the latest update of wordpress (3.6) ?

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