10 Amazing Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Published on: Nov 27 2011 by Anli

10 Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

With Christmas at the door all people are happy and have already begun to think about gifts for their closest relatives and friends. There’s a great atmosphere in the air here in Turin with the streets full of happy people and I’m happy too. So, for today I’ll present to you an amazing collection of 10 free Christmas Photoshop tutorials. Here they are:

1. Fairy Christmas Night

Photoshop Tutorial: Fairy Christmas Night

2. Fictional Arctic Snow Frog

Photoshop Tutorial: Arctic Snow Frog

3. Awesome Christmas Tree

Photoshop Tutorial: Awesome Christmas Tree

4. Snowman

Photoshop Tutorial: Snowman

5. Christmas Card

Photoshop Tutorial: Christmas Card

6. Merry Christmas Background

Photoshop Tutorial: Merry Christmas Background

7. Christmas Background

Photoshop Tutorial: Christmas Background

8. Fluffy Clouds – Merry Christmas

Photoshop Tutorial: Christmas Fluffy Clouds

9. Christmas Night

Photoshop Tutorial: Christmas Night

10. Christmas Glass Balls

Photoshop Tutorial: Christmas Glass Balls

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