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Layout 1: description, call to action, registration form, modals

Layout 2: description, call to action buttons

Layout 3: description, working AJAX subscription form

Layout 4: description, call to action buttons, responsive video

Layout 5: description, call to action, responsive video centered

Layout 6: coming soon page, timer, AJAX subscription form

Layout 7: iPhone App page, description, features, call to action

Layout 10: description, call to action, transparent registration form

Layout 11: iPhone App page, description, transparent registration form

Layout 12: description, call to action, images slider (browser mockup)

Layout 13: description, call to action, working AJAX contact form

Layout 15: description, MailChimp subscription form, contact form

Layout 16: description, call to action, fixed menu, working forms

Layout 17: eBook template, working subscription and contact forms

Layout 18: Mobile App template with blog pages

Menus, Sliders, Icons, Integrations

Layout 8: fixed (sticky) dark menu, Font Awesome icons

Layout 9: fixed (sticky) light menu, images slider

Layout 14: AJAX subscription form with MailChimp integration


10 registration forms templates

10 login forms templates

8 contact forms templates