About Templates Support

Updated on: Jan 18 2015 by Anli

About Templates Support

During the past 2 years I’ve released here on Azmind some Free WordPress ThemesHTML Templates and some Premium Templates too. Some of the free templates have become very popular like this and this. Users like them and their downloads number continues to grow day by day. Unfortunately, as the number of users grow, it becomes very difficult for me to provide good support for these templates. So, today in this post, I want to define the types of support that you can get by downloading any of my templates, free or premium. 

Premium Templates Support

Let’s start with premium templates. The type of support for these templates doesn’t change. By purchasing any of my premium templates you get my full support for every question or problem you might have using these templates.

Free Templates Support

For the free templates, until now I’ve provided free support for simple problems through the comments section of the templates’ pages or by email. But, as I said above, this type of support is not easy. I have to focus on paying projects and this way I don’t have enough time to dedicate to free templates.

So, from now on, free templates have two types of support:

– The free support continues, but it’s not guaranteed or timely.

Paid email support is available starting from $19. This way I can set some time aside to help you fix your problem quickly (24/48 hours). Also, this way I can provide a better assistance and I can have more time to dedicate to free templates, which I like more than clients’ work. For this type of support just email me here: contact.azmind@gmail.com, explaining your problem.

Do you have questions?

For any question or information feel free to leave a comment below.

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