20 Free Fonts for Your Next Project

Updated on: Jan 27 2015 by Anli

20 Free Fonts

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time since I wrote something here, two long years. During these two years I have been busy with college exams and other small jobs here and there. But now I’m back and I think I’ll publish articles more often here on AZMIND, I don’t want to let this site die. Certainly I’ll not write every day but I’ll write more often. Today I’ll present to you a collection of 20 free fonts that you can use in your Internet projects or offline. Some of these fonts need the consent of the author if you want to use them in commercial projects. Let’s begin:

1. Age

Age Free Font

2. Bigmouth

Bigmouth Free Font

3. Dan

Dan Free Font

4. Days

Days Free Font

5. Deibi

Deibi Free Font

6. Dekar

Dekar Free Font

7. Evolution

Evolution Free Font

8. Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo Free Font

9. Hero

Hero Free Font

10. Hyperbola

Hyperbola Free Font

11. Infinity

Infinity Free Font

12. Kilogram

Kilogram Free Font

13. Lane

Lane Free Font

14. Linden Hill

Linden Hill Free Font

15. Null

Null Free Font

16. Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans Free Font

17. Prociono

Prociono Free Font

18. Raleway

Raleway Free Font

19. Weston

Weston Free Font

20. Zag

Zag Free Font

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